Jenny Lam is an award winning cookbook author, restauranteur, and formerly a contestant on Australia’s most watched TV Show – Masterchef Australia -all by the age of 32. In autumn 2018, Lam opened her own restaurant, the acclaimed Bunn Mee in Perth, Australia, where serves up her inspired interpretations of traditional Vietnamese dishes, such as bánh mi and pho. Her hit cookbook, “Eat Like A Viet,” is not only a collection of her recipes for Vietnamese “street food,” it’s also an in-depth exploration of her heritage and Vietnamese culture, which she felt compelled to preserve for future generations.

She’s devoting her time to building a food empire that feeds the stomach and the soul. With plans to expand to 5 stores in the next three years, a second restaurant in the group is already under way and due to open February 2022. It will be Perth’s first Vietnamese Tapas Bar offering delicacies cooked on coals, house-signature cocktails and beers on tap.