Warralgurniya (‘singing’) is a cross-cultural musical collaboration born from the language work of Thiinma Elder Peter Salmon, the last fluent speaker of the Thiinma and Warriyangga languages of the Upper Gascoyne region of Western Australia. Mr Salmon, an 88 year old stockman and now a WAM Song of the Year Award (2021) winning songwriter, writes lyrics in his mother tongue about his country, his life and the future he wishes for his grandchildren.

Expertly weaving contemporary yarns informed by ancient knowledge, Mr Salmon collaborates with musician Rosie Sitorus to craft melodies and musical arrangements drawing on contemporary country, blues and folk influences, as well as his recollection of Thiinma song tradition taught to him by his old people. Warralgurniya brings Mr Salmon’s unique living history to life through music, and shares his mission to preserve his treasured Thiinma language and culture.

In 2022, Warralgurniya performed at Perth Festival (and were scheduled to perform at Nannup Music Festival and Bunuru Music festival, which have sadly been cancelled), as well as undertaking an ambitious recording project to share Thiinma culture even further afield.