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“The art of pairing food with gin” Bobs Boutique Bar at The Gerald Apartment Hotel

Locally renowned chef Portia Bodycoat from The Gerald is pairing decadent and delicious sophisticated luxe cuisine with the signature style and flavour of four Western Australian Gins including. Mingle in the intimate atmosphere of Bob’s Boutique Bar and relax as you are served canapés paired perfectly with a variety of gin tastings, cocktails and infusions. Join us and experience a night like no other.

About Portia Bodycoat from Verve Cartel:

Once, there was a beautiful restaurant in a beautiful town called The Indigo Room. This is where the magic started for me in Geraldton. Since then I’ve met the most darling man & have given life to two incredible daughters. Over the following years, I have spent time dreaming of my next “something”, my next daring adventure.

And now…Verve Cartel.

Verve Cartel is about celebrating life & living for the moment. It’s about cooking for my family & friends, old & new, sharing beautiful homewares, making people feel welcome and enjoying exquisite food. This exciting business is the culmination of all those things that make me smile & bring me joy. It’s everything about heart…and food. Always food. Be flamboyant, snort laugh & laugh loud.


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