Paul Lucas Exhibition


Paul Lucas Exhibition
Paul will showcase his popular Abrolhos Island and Geraldton (oil on canvas) paintings and prints.
His work can be viewed here:
Any orders placed by April 20, will be delivered May 1.

Biography: Paul Lucas

Born in England in 1955, Paul moved to Perth, Western Australia in 1964, where he still resides with his family.

Inspired by artists such as Turner and Constable and having a keen appreciation for the countryside, Paul travelled extensively and continued to develop his skills. His unique vision and subtle interpretations won him many admirers and accolades.

When creating new compositions, Paul creates a sense of movement within the painting, directing the viewer’s eye around the canvas. Before applying any paint, he mentally projects the journey the painting will take with its many layers, colours and repetitive motions, all leading to its eventual completion.  He gives strong consideration to the overall tonal qualities encompassing composition, balance and the objects in the painting that will create direction for the viewer.  Great thought is given to the mood being conveyed.

Paul’s current muse has moved from landscapes to the ocean, particularly the inspiring Western Australian coastline including the Abrolhos Islands. Paul’s love and respect for the ocean is evident in his work with his latest canvases capturing in spectacular detail and colour the ephemeral moods and subtleties of the water and horizon.  This is accomplished by combining superb detail with an extraordinary use of colour and light. Paul has a gift for truthfully observing environments while elevating mundane details.  In his vision the utilitarian becomes sublime.

Paul works predominantly with traditional oils, made contemporary by application, technique and design. Over the past 30 years he has found that oil colours have a fluidity that allows him to more accurately explore the characteristic of water with the flexibility to blend, adjust and glaze where needed.

Paul is always looking for new challenges, including commissions and recently combined his passion for the Islands with his fascination of the Batavia shipwreck, resulting in a three-part series titled “Batavia Aground”. These works depict the timeline of the historic and tragic day when the ‘Batavia’ went aground at the Abrolhos Islands.

Over the years Paul has exhibited his work in South Africa, Singapore, Canada, Canberra, Alice Springs and throughout Western Australia.

Paul also enjoys other subject matter such as the illusionary art ‘trompe l’oeil,’ evident in his latest piece titled “Butterflies.”

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