Star Dreaming – Under The Dome Experience


STAR DREAMING – An immersive 180 degree Full-Dome feature documentary is set in the WA mid-west outback, the land of the Yamaji people.

A magical odyssey of discovery of stars, space and time; via the world’s largest radio telescope, and our oldest living culture. 

Prospero Productions, in collaboration with Yamaji Art and Curtin University, are thrilled to welcome to Geraldton for the first time the muchly anticipated “Star Dreaming

It’s a relatively unknown story that one of the biggest mega-science projects in the world is happening right here in WA! Deep in the Murchison, on the land of the Yamaji people, is the Australian site for one of the world’s largest radio telescopes-the Square Kilometre Array (SKA).The state-of-the-art SKA radio telescope has been decades-in-the-planning and once complete, will be able to pick up radio waves that have taken billions of years to get to Earth. It will allow scientists to look back further into the Universe than ever before. Indigenous Australians have gained meaning from the stars for over 60,000 years, making them some of the oldest astronomers on earth. STAR DREAMING is an art and culture-meets-science-collaboration for all ages

The movie is a breath taking journey through science and Aboriginal culture; fusing live action with cutting-edge CGI technology and astrophysics, featuring animated Indigenous artworks and graphic recreations of the constellations. The film is narrated by one of Australia’s best known and most loved performers, and Yamaji man, Ernie Dingo. We’re very excited that this movie will be screening during Shore Leave festival and encourage all ages to come and learn about the Yamaji culture and their amazing art, in this Western Australian science success story



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