Mid West Liquor Trail

About Mid West Liquor Trail

Join this all-inclusive tour discovering a special part of the Midwest region, home to a wide range of unique brewers & distillers, all run by passionate and friendly locals.

An intimate and knowledgeable insight into the region’s flavour makers.

Batavia Brewing – Use the finest ingredients and employ state of the art techniques. The result is a selection of enjoyable, elegant, and authentic craft beers.

Includes a tour of the brewery, tasting paddle and some quality pub grub to get your day started.

Illegal Tender – their rum and spirits are lovingly crafted in small batches using only high-quality Australian ingredients. Receiving over 10 international acclaims, Illegal Tender is certainly a place worth visiting!

Includes a tour* of the brewery and two complimentary tastings! Cellar door is open!

Southerly’s Tavern – Did you know they have their own Session Ale? Let’s try a pint!

Copperhead Rd Distillery – Meet John Welsh, who has lived and breathed liquor for over 20 years! Try a wide range of spiced rum, flavoured liqueurs, absinthe & gin.

Tastings included and 5% off any purchase.

Finlay’s Kalbarri – We won’t be travelling to Kalbarri, but they’ll be at the Helm where you can redeem your complimentary beverage voucher.  Finlay’s Brewing encapsulates the essence of the Coral Coast, using WA’s best malt and oats.

30 Knots Distillery – These guys don’t muck around when it comes to creating the finest Rum and Gin. This is a great way to finish the tour as the sun sets over the Indian Ocean.

SHORE LEAVE SPECIAL – Included for no extra charge a complimentary food & beverage voucher redeemable at The Helm (one per person)

Tours are run in collaboration with Midwest Adventure Tours



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