The Pearl Bar at Latitude Jewellers

About The Pearl Bar at Latitude Jewellers

Discover the unique pearl story of our very own home-grown Abrolhos Islands Black Pearls at Latitude Jewellers Pearl Bar, hosted by Pearl Farmer and Founder Pia Boschetti. 

Welcome to an inspiring journey at Latitude Jewellers, your gateway to the captivating allure of Australian Black Pearls. Join us for an exclusive event celebrating the unique story behind each pearl, grown at our very own Abrolhos Islands Pearl Farm in Western Australia. At our luxury contemporary showroom in the heart of Geraldton, enjoy champagne and canapés featuring fresh local seafood while you learn our story. 


The Girl Who Grows The Pearl: Embark on a guided tour through our Geraldton Showroom, as we unveil the rich narrative of Pia Boschetti, Pearl Farmer and Founder and her remarkable story. Explore the depths of her challenging yet inspiring journey and the transformative power of the sea.

Hands-On Pearl Picking: Immerse yourself in the magic of choosing your own pearl at our Pearl Bar! Our hands-on experience lets you pick a pearl that resonates with you. Feel the thrill of discovery as you select a gem, that talks to you, that tells your unique story. 

Meet the Artisans: Engage with our skilled artisans at our studio workshop. Witness the meticulous craftsmanship that goes into creating bespoke jewellery. Discover the artistry that breathes life into each piece, right here in Geraldton. 

Exclusive Collection Showcase: See our latest collection featuring exquisite Australian Abrolhos Island Black Pearls. From classic designs to contemporary masterpieces, find the perfect piece that resonates with your style.

Consultation and Custom Creations: Book a easy and free consultation with our experts. Explore the world of custom-made jewellery, where your stories are transformed into timeless creations. 


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