Good Strife Combining a wide range of influences and genres, Good Strife brings a new sound to Geraldton’s thriving music scene. Founding members, the sisters Kimberley and Caroline Allison started the band back in 2018 as a two piece, and since then have continually built upon their already unique sound. With a growing list of original songs under their name. Good Strife is changing the sounds of original music by producing a rock/pop/metal sound. Kim’s vocals have amazed crowds wherever she has sung and can hold notes longer than you’d expect.
Caroline is the song writer and maintains the groove with her energetic rhythm guitar their new band members, Sarah Ann, and Richard Donohue have joined the band in 2021 bringing in their years of experience and style from playing with bands locally and throughout the state, as well as their own musical styles on the drums and the bass to add to Good Strife’s evolving unique sound.

While Good Strife keeps busy with their regular regional and Perth shows, they always look forward to playing for their hometown, the place where they began and found their sound. They are working toward the recording of their first Album, working with following their recent success at the Geraldton Battle of the Bands best Original Song category. This band is versatile and enjoy interacting with the crowd, getting everyone on their feet and singing along.