Mid West WA Food Marketplace


Discover the variety of Mid West Produce for yourself!

The Mid West Food Alliance are delighted to bring you this inaugural event during Shore Leave 2022 with our key sponsor, the Mid West Development Commission making this event possible, along with support from the broader Shore Leave team.

The Marketplace will feature an active collaboration with WA’s Food Ambassador, Chef Don Hancey; our Central Regional TAFE Hospitality team of local students and staff; a selection of Mid West WA local food producers and supporters; and the newly created Mid West Food Industries Alliance team.

The Marketplace will feature local produce being prepared by Don and the TAFE team, and shared with you via tastings and samples across the day.  The Marketplace will also feature a number of stall holders that represent elements of Mid West WA Food. We look forward to welcoming you to our inaugural Marketplace and to seeing your local food in action



The Chefs!

Don Hancey


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